Why Die Cutting Is an Art

February 28, 2018

On the surface, the die cut process may seem quite simple, but there is much more to it than meets the eye. Die cutting is such a creative combination of design, materials and cutting processes that we do not consider it just a type of industry and think of it as a true art form. We state this fact in such an emphatic manner for all of the following reasons:

1. Quality Die Cutting Starts With the Design Stage

All projects begin with an idea that then needs the right design. The design of a project for die cutting has to be creative enough to be attractive, but with a unique functionality in its purpose for the client. This takes an eye for detail, especially when this process is for making such things as special packaging for advertising, wall enhancements or give-away items. Also, designing these projects many times calls for blending colours in a way that catches the attention of the beholder. Materials for the projects also are selected during the design stage.

2. A Die Cutter Must Understand Which Materials Work Well for Each Project

Another way that die cutting is an art is that the die cutter must know the materials that are ideal for each project. He or she needs to work with the designers on this to bring the project to fruition effectively. One example of this is vinyl for self-cling wall enhancements. Other materials include corrugated cardboard for boxes, decorative papers for scrapbook templates, paper for invitation stationary and more.

3. Artistry Also Is Involved in Printing the Design Onto the Die Cutting Materials

When a die cutting project involves a printed design, it must be applied to the desired materials in a quality, durable way. The ink must be able to stand up to handling and environmental elements without smudging or rubbing off.

4. Each Machine Must Be Adjusted Accurately to Produce the Design Successfully

We also consider die cutting a form of art due to the fact that each machine must be on the right settings to cut the materials precisely according the project design plan. If even one setting is off, the results will not be ideal for the client’s purpose.

Triforme makes die cutting an art form. We specialise in designing, die cutting, and creasing a wide assortment of designs in an artistic, functional and quality style. Our company will work from your plans or help you create the necessary needs for your project. Also, we provide quotes of our services upon request.

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