The Rising Popularity of the Die Cutting Industry

March 29, 2021

A wide array of businesses today are utilising packaging materials to effectively showcase their offerings to the market. Packaging materials can inform potential buyers by having their product information, branding, and so on. Additionally, these packaging materials also help businesses secure their products in the best way possible, ensuring that the latter will not get damaged during their transport and storage.

And since many products today still come in packaging materials, the die cutting industry is poised to rise alongside businesses that maximise the said materials. Without the die cutting industry, it would be difficult for businesses to achieve high-quality covering and labelling for their products.

Understanding the Basics of Die Cutting

Die cutting is a process that subjects certain materials in a die cutting machine, ensuring that they would be cut into the shape outlined by the custom die. This process has been widely popular for packaging, labelling, and other materials since it can produce a lot of them in just a short time. It is also affordable, making the whole process much more attainable and reasonable compared to other cutting processes. 

Some of the most common materials that can undergo the die cutting process include paper, metals, plastics, and fabric. The die press or the die cutting machine mostly utilise dies for cutting materials, and it can be grouped into two types. The first type would be the manual die cutting machine, which can perform die cutting by controlling the crank. The second type of die cutting machine is the digital die cutting machine. This specific machine maximises computer software to carry out the cutting process.

The State of the Die Cutting Industry

The consumption of products around the world remains high today, which is why the die cutting industry continues to thrive and succeed. Since many countries are now experiencing rapid industrialisation, their respective markets are expected to consume more products than ever before. Products such as food items, electronics, and all other necessities require good packaging and labelling, and all of these are only possible if the die cutting processes will be conducted.

Even the industries of automobile manufacturing and mobile phone assembly now anticipate the increase of demand for packaging and labelling products, allowing the die cutting industry to expand successfully before the year 2030. The industry might also benefit from businesses that want to mix traditional and digital marketing strategies. Given that the die cutting processes can easily produce products with delicate shapes, they can effectively fabricate wonderful brochures and booklets for marketing purposes.

Get Die Cutting Services from Triforme

To obtain reputable die cutting services for your products, you can contact us at Triforme. We specialise in the manufacture of flatbed steel rule cutting formes, flatbed label dies, die cutting supplies for printing and scrapbook industries. We also do design and sample making of cartons, folders, cardboard stencils etc. including routing of any material for name profiles and assorted signs. With the introduction of computerised equipment, we pride ourselves in the extreme accuracy of its finished products.


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