4 Most Common Die Cutting Issues in Cartons and Boxes

August 9, 2021

The packaging industry has been popular for generating a huge number of cartons and boxes for other industries. After all, cartons and boxes can provide substantial benefits to businesses that use them.

Cartons and boxes can be beneficial for packing products as they easily protect them from damages during transport, storage, or sale. These packaging products can likewise ensure convenient loading and unloading of products since they are generally lightweight. The use of cartons and boxes can also allow businesses to be sustainable given that they can be recycled and reused multiple times.

A lot of cartons and boxes are often created through die cutting, a process that utilises a custom die in cutting materials. But just like other processes, die cutting can also generate some issues when creating cartons and boxes. Some known die cutting issues in cartons and boxes are as follows:

Inaccurate Cutting

One die cutting issue that is common today is the increasing inaccuracy of cutting cartons and boxes. The templates of some cartons and boxes can get complicated. And with this added complexity to the die cutting process, the accuracy of cutting the packaging products may be affected significantly. As the error range exceeds the recommended limit, the cartons and boxes are expected to boast appearances that are not uniform and precise. Opting for the correct die cutting tools can, fortunately, prevent this issue.

Mediocre Cutting

The die cutting process can also generate poor quality cartons and boxes if the operator does not carry out the right preparation methods. The pressure applied to the cutting tool for this process must be increased gradually so that the products can turn out great. Mediocre cutting can likewise be avoided if the blade is aligned effectively. Ultimately, the quality of the material and the cutting tool must be checked thoroughly so that the results of the die cutting process can be sustained effectively.

Bad Creasing Lines

Most cartons and boxes have creasing lines so that folding and gluing them can be possible. But for the creasing lines to be effective, they must be positioned and applied correctly into the workpieces. Creasing lines can also be functional if they boast the correct height and width. Failure to fulfil these requirements would only lead to cartons and boxes with bad creasing lines, which can then make it difficult for industries to fold them accordingly and use them effectively.

Uncut Products

Die cutting tools may be capable of cutting many materials. But if the workpieces become too thick, then the tools might find it difficult to cut all of them. Even if some of these materials are cut, they might feature some noticeable marks due to the sudden warping and denting of blades. Once the blades become warped or dented, then the industry might be forced to stop the operations, replace them, and obtain new workpieces again. Doing this can be expensive, that is why these elements must be checked effectively.

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