The Importance of Precision Design in Cutting Formes

December 8, 2016

Forme Cutting is a method of bending a knife's edge to the preferred shape and then pressing out the form in the required material. The large quantity die cutting process creates complexly shaped blanks. But the multifaceted machinery used for this artistic cleverness is rendered worthless without cutting formes. For it is the cutting forms that have shape guidelines that cut the blanks. In honesty, the procedure is very similar to using a cookie cutter. For instance, the cutting frame is like the cookie cutter. Therefore, it is extremely important to have a precision design in cutting formes in order to have accurate and incredible results in the desired shape.

Custom Made Blades

Factory machines use hydraulic power and pneumatic cylinders to push a plate down with unvarying strength. Indubitably, there are numerous variables depending of the material that needs to be cut. Soft fabrics and paper stock could possibly be scored and cut with a cutting rule made from a soft strip or with a wooden cutting forme. However, the process relies on more rigid shapes for better precision. In result, strong metal is generally a rational choice for continuous blanks are to be produced.

Flat Bed Cutting Formes

Even the slender strips of plastic or metal are shaped into intricate outlines with the use of special tooled machines. The original shape is defined by the client or produced as a digital file. To create the cutting blade for the completed forme, the production rule machinery merges digitally made shapes and technical drawings. It is by far a lot sharper and has more intricate blades than a cookie cutter. Once made, the shaped strip is placed inside the die cutting machine and attached to the platen.


Rule makers help create more than just robust cutting tools and shaped cutting modules for numerous blanks. As well, they can implement more than a basic curved or straight incision. Rule makers are tools that can be used to score and crease. In truth, they help shape cardboard into packing boxes and cartons; add nice perforated edges to card stock and artistic style to numerous materials for customized accents such as scrapbooking projects.

Cutting formes are the backbone of die cutting machines by adding sharp teeth for precision cuts. They are armed with the ability to score, cut and perforate large batches of fabric or paper with extremely accurate outlines. In truth, they are a vital part of the whole process in creating a product with extreme precision.

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