Cutting Plotters: Understanding Its Role in Die Cutting Services

February 26, 2021

Different fabrication processes are now available to effectively produce a wide variety of products in the market. One of the processes that are being utilised by different industries is die cutting. This process maximises custom dies that are installed on special types of machines to effectively produce a stock material. With die cutting, products for packaging, scrapbooking, and others can be easily produced.

To date, there are different types of die cutting services and respective tools that can yield high-quality results. One type of die cutting is flatbed die cutting. This process utilises a flatbed die cutting press and custom steel rule dies to generate thick and huge custom shaped and designed materials. Rotary die cutting, alternatively, uses cylindrical dies and a rotary press to process flexible materials. Digital die cutting, ultimately, relies heavily on computer-controlled lasers, blades, or tool bits to convert materials.

An Overview of Digital Die Cutting

One type of die cutting that has been utilised by many industries is digital die cutting. Even without the use of dies, this type of cutting process can still offer precise cuts, scores, and creases whenever they are needed. Materials that can generate different products and parts by digital die cutting include vinyl, cardboard, leather, composite materials, and foam boards.

What is great about digital die cutting is that it allows a manufacturer to save a lot of time and money. By utilising this process, manufacturers can expect shorter turnaround times and reduced production time since digital die cutting machines can run at a faster speed than the traditional ones. The need to change the die shapes is also eliminated with digital die cutting. As for the overall costs, the absence of dies makes the entire digital die cutting process cost-effective.

Precise and clean products are also expected with digital die cutting as it uses laser, blades, and bits in cutting parts and shapes. And since these cutting tools are connected to software programs, their functions and actions can be easily changed and manipulated throughout the digital die cutting process.

Getting to Know Cutting Plotters

One kind of machine that can be associated with digital die cutting is the cutting plotter. Cutting plotters utilise knives to effectively cut products that are lying on a flat surface. They are normally connected to a computer so that their cutting processes can be manipulated and controlled by software programs. 

The software programs that are connected to the cutting plotters can send all the intended cutting designs and dimensions to carry out the cutting process effectively. Loading a vector drawing into the machine code generator would already allow the cutting plotters to know the type of cutting they must do. Once the appropriate lines are identified as cut lines, the instructions to finally cut can be sent to the machine. 

Cutting plotters have been very useful in cutting paper, mylar film, and vinyl. These machines are mostly utilised by papercraft enthusiasts who want to produce materials for cards and scrapbooks.

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