Different Uses of Corrugated Cardboard

January 29, 2021

Corrugated cardboard is a material that is comprised of a fluted corrugated sheet, an inside liner, and an outside liner. The basic composition and structure of the said materials enable it to obtain properties that other materials do not possess. This material is believed to be durable, lightweight, and cost-effective. It is also deemed to be eco-friendly since it can be made from recycled kraft containerboard.  

All these mentioned features allow corrugated cardboard to be truly valuable in terms of different applications. Some of the most common uses of corrugated cardboard are as follows:


One of the most notable uses of corrugated cardboard is the packaging. The primary composition of corrugated cardboard allows it to carry products of different weights. It can also protect the products against moisture and other elements. Corrugated cardboard can even be customised, making it possible for companies to showcase the features of their products through this wonderful material. 


Aside from packaging, corrugated cardboard can also be used for storage. Many corrugated cardboards are created into boxes and are being offered by stores as they are easy to produce and cost cheaper compared to other materials. Corrugated cardboard boxes can be used for drop-box organisation. They can also be labelled so that owners would easily know the kind of things that they would store on them. Some cardboard pieces can likewise be cut so they can serve as dividers inside the boxes.


While most furniture pieces are made from strong wood and durable metal, some of them can also be made from corrugated cardboard. The whole structure of the material allows them to be durable enough to be converted into fine furniture pieces such as chairs, beds, and tables. As long as the corrugated cardboard materials are used well, they can just function optimally and last for a long time.


Some children are fond of creating random things out of random materials. With corrugated cardboard, they can effectively hone their creativity and come up with random things. Aside from children, those who are in the art industry can also utilise corrugated cardboard thanks to its notable properties. They can be painted or sprayed with decorative materials. They can even be put together to make great sculptures, decorations, and models.


Since most parts of the corrugated cardboard are made from biodegradable products, they can be effective in terms of cultivating the garden. To discourage weeds from growing, corrugated cardboard can be converted into a mulch. The same material can also be used as a protection of tender seedlings from the intense summer sun or strong winds. Corrugated cardboard can likewise be used as part of the compost.

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