How Can the Packaging Industry Benefit from Perforations?

July 9, 2021

Many products today that is being sold to consumers are placed on special types of packaging. And as more consumers continue to buy and purchase different types of products, the packaging industry can expect stable growth over its performance around the world.

What makes packaging important to different products and items is that it can provide ample protection to products while they are being transported, handled, and stored. Packaging likewise maintains the safety of products that are being sold to the public. For instance, food items can remain safe and secure from bacteria and other harmful elements if they are packed tightly. Another great thing about the packaging is that it provides businesses with the opportunity to make their products enticing to potential customers. The overall design and style of packaging, after all, can be modified to promote the products effectively.

An Overview of Perforation

One element of packaging products that is common nowadays is perforations.

A perforation is a row of small holes that are punched or punctured into a workpiece. Typically, perforations can be applied to thin materials such as paper, plastics, and other products intended for packaging. The key purpose of perforations is to allow certain parts of a workpiece to be torn off easily.

Perforations can be created by specific types of tools. Perforation knives that boast different cut sizes, tooth heights, and depth edges can be used to generate small holes in workpieces. Rotary pinned perforation rollers can also be used to make perforations, particularly in plastic, steel, and aluminium products. Die and punch sets can likewise be utilised in generating perforations for thick materials. When using these sets, the punch is utilised to shear the workpiece and press it into the die. Laser systems, ultimately, can be used to generate precise perforations in exchange for high operation costs.

Packaging with Perforation

The packaging industry has integrated perforations into packaging products due to various reasons.

For one, perforations have helped the packaging products to become easier, faster, and cleaner to tear apart. Sometimes, packaging materials can only be opened when using cutting tools or exerting additional power to tear the packaging apart. So, without perforations, they can be difficult to open. The small row of holes allows the packaging to be opened without the need for extra tools. The whole packaging can even remain intact despite being opened.

And speaking of remaining intact, perforations on packaging industries can help sustain the storage needs of some products or items. A packaging material that is already damaged cannot be effective in storing products anymore. However, if the packaging material still upholds its form and shape, then it can still be used again for storage purposes. Even products themselves can take advantage of perforations for easy and tidy storage purposes.

Aside from packaging products, the versatility of perforations can be applied and seen on tissue papers, trash bag rolls, bubble wrap rolls, tickets, coupons, gift certificates, notebooks, chequebooks, and business cards. To know more about perforations, you can call us at Triforme.

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