A Review on Die Cutting and Why Do You Need It for Your Business?

December 7, 2020

There are various aspects that can effectively influence the sales performance of products in retail stores and supermarkets. For one, the products must come from a company that has a great reputation on its respective scope in an industry. Additionally, they must have the quality that makes them perfect for consumers. Likewise, products in the market can be sold easily if they come with great packaging.

Packaging of the products is one of the many parts of selling them to the consumers. Believe it or not, the quality of the packaging material can easily influence the purchase decision of customers whenever they are roaming a store. The only way to make great packaging materials is through the die cutting process.

An Overview of the Die Cutting Process

Die cutting is a type of manufacturing process that is utilised in mass-producing materials with custom shapes, styles, and dimensions. The workpiece or material that will be cut can obtain the desired shape and style once it has been placed on a die cutting machine. Some of the known materials that can undergo the process of die cutting include paper, chipboard, corkboard, leather, think fabric, felt, vinyl, rubber, foam sheets, thin wood, and thin metal.

A die cutting machine is often utilised in carrying out die cutting. It uses a cutting die, which is a custom-made cutting material that is shaped according to the preferred output. To date, there are various types of die cutting machines and tools that can be used for the cutting process. Some of them are flatbed die cutting press, rotary die press, knives, and blades. These cutting machines can easily perform cutting methods such as broaching, creasing, embossing, engraving, kiss cutting, perforating, and scoring.

Die Cutting Benefits for Your Business

Apart from packaging, die cutting is also used in producing stickers, labels, coasters, greeting cards, notebooks, magnets, and apparel. With a wide variety of materials that can be processed by die cutting, it would be truly helpful for your business if you likewise adopt this process. The following are some reasons why this cutting process can easily benefit your business.

  • Cost-Efficient: One great benefit of die cutting is that it is cost-efficient. Other cutting processes would require a lot of tools and equipment just to produce a huge quantity of products. Die cutting, alternatively, can create multiple cut-outs in just one blow.
  • Distinctive: What is great about die cutting is that it can easily mass-produce products that have customised and unique shapes, styles, and designs. Unlike the conventional way of packaging materials or paper products, you can conveniently come up with customised and stylised products.
  • Interactive: The distinct designs that are possible with die cutting allow you to offer products that can be engaging to potential customers and clients. You do not have to produce products with the normal dimensions and styles once you have acquired access to die cutting.
  • Compelling: Packaging, manufacturing, and other industries can easily benefit from die-cutting since it can swiftly attract customers and boost business performance. Products may look unique, but they can surely catch the attention of people and your respective industry.

To know more about the die cutting process and its benefits, feel free to give us a call at Triforme.


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