What are the Benefits of Custom Die Cut Cartons over Standard Stock Boxes?

February 15, 2021

In terms of packaging, there are numerous options that businesses can consider. There are standard stock boxes that have been utilised by many businesses for a long time now. This type of packaging often has set dimensions that are capable of accommodating heavy items and products. Standard stock boxes are also made from standards materials and finishes that make them somehow ordinary.

One great alternative to standard stock boxes is custom die cut cartons. More and more businesses have opted for custom die cut cartons as they can offer more benefits compared to the standard type of packaging. After all, businesses want to make their products sellable and marketable to their target consumers. They would also opt for these packaging materials for the sake of keeping their products and their accompanying value proposition unique.

Some incredible benefits of custom die cut cartons that standard stock boxes do not have are as follows:

Highly Customised

One prominent benefit of custom die cut cartons over standard stock boxes is that they can be customised according to the preference of the manufacturer. Custom die cut cartons can boast a design that has playful colours, graphics, and text. They can even be produced with varying dimensions and sizes just to make them suitable for different products. These customisation options allow businesses to be open and free when it comes to the overall packaging design of their products.

Assured Durability

Aside from customising the appearance and finish of the packaging, custom die cut cartons can also be made from durable materials. The option to choose the exact type of material for the cartons can help businesses secure packaging products that are guaranteed to last for a long time. So, even with the transport of the products from one place to another, their quality will be sustained and maintained. Processes such as shipping, loading, unloading, and fulfilment can all be endured by these cartons.

Consistent Quality

Custom die cut cartons can likewise benefit businesses as they are made and produced consistently. These packaging products can acquire the exact shape and appearance that a business would want to obtain without compromising their overall quality. The consistency of their quality likewise makes the storage and assembly process of a manufacturing plant to be quick. And compared to other packaging options, custom die cut cartons are known for their low production costs. 

Enhanced Branding

Custom die cut cartons can be beneficial for businesses as they can effectively carry both their products and their brand identity. This type of packaging can be modified to ensure that the products can stand out amidst the tough market. As customers buy their needed items, they will most likely pick products that are packaged with custom die cut cartons as opposed to products that are wrapped with standard stock boxes. After all, the quality of a packaging truly influences the purchase decisions of customers.

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