Knowing the Most Popular Materials the Scrapbooking Industry Can Die Cut

August 24, 2021

Many people want to preserve, arrange, and present their respective personal and family histories through books, boxes, cards, or other similar items. They will then integrate some photographs, artwork, and printed materials inside the previously stated items, ensuring that all their beloved memorabilia will be stored for a very long time. All these activities are part of a method called scrapbooking.

The last known peak of the scrapbooking industry was seen during the early 2000s. But as technology advances, more and more people rely on digital means of preserving, arranging, and presenting their mementos and relics about their families and loved ones.

Fortunately, the industry has gained some traction again thanks to the process of die cutting. Die cutting is a process wherein a specific machine mass produces products with cut-out shapes and designs. By utilising die cutting machines, tons of similarly shaped products can be created in just one go. These machines can also process the following materials that are vital to the scrapbooking industry.


In the scrapbooking industry, manufacturers can maximise a wide array of paper options to generate their needed products. Thanks to the die cutting process, paper options such as kraft paper, crepe paper, construction paper, and scrapbook paper can all be shaped according to the needs of scrapbooking enthusiasts. Scrapbooking enthusiasts may even customise these paper products further according to their personal preferences and needs.


Another material that can be die cut is cardboard or chipboard. Cardboard that has corrugations typically has two outer layers of paper and a fluted sheet of paper between them. Most corrugated cardboard materials are maximised for packaging boxes. But due to their robust characteristics, the scrapbooking industry also utilises them in various creative ways. Corrugated cardboards can be used to generate pop-ups, objects, and other materials that can be included inside or even outside a scrapbook.


One of the most popular materials in scrapbooking is felt. Felt is generally produced through matting, condensing, and pressing fibres altogether. Usually, this material is used to create rugs, clothing, and shoes. But as time passes, the scrapbooking industry has also embraced this material and processed it to produce decorative products. With die cutting process, felt can easily be converted into beautiful shapes and 3D photos that can then be pasted into any scrapbook.


One more material that can be used for scrapbooking is vinyl. Vinyl is a synthetic plastic polymer that is known for its durability and long-lasting quality. With the help of a die cutting machine, this specific material can be designed and cut to come up with various scrapbooking products. Some scrapbooking products that can be created out of vinyl are cut-outs of letters, figures, or shapes, hard covering, clippings, and many more.

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