Main Reasons Why Should opt for Flatbed Die Cutting

June 28, 2021

Many parts and products today come from various fabrication processes. One of these processes is die cutting. It is a fabrication process that maximises machines and tools to generate parts and products out of cutting, forming, and shearing. Die cutting is often used to produce packaging materials. However, it is also used to release a wide array of marketing materials and other similar products.

What makes die cutting special is that it can create parts and products with customised designs and shapes. These designs and shapes come from a die, which is a specialised metal tooling that boasts custom design and shape and subsequently transfers them into the workpiece.

There are several processes of die cutting that many industries can utilise. One of these processes is flatbed die cutting. Here are some reasons why you should opt for this specific die cutting process.

Manage Thick Materials

One of the reasons why you should opt for flatbed die cutting is that it can process thick and heavy materials. Flatbed die cutting maximises hydraulic presses and other similar lifting systems to push the die toward the workpieces. The primary components of these systems allow them to cut through the thick layers of various materials such as fabrics, felt, fibre, and metals without any difficulties. Flatbed die cutting can even carry out the fabrication process effectively despite combining different materials.

Complete Small Orders

Another reason why you should go for flatbed die cutting is that it can complete short-run or small orders. While many businesses would process tons of parts and products every day, others might only want to produce parts and products in a relatively small amount. What makes flatbed die cutting great for short-run orders is that it utilises steel rule dies to through cut or kiss cut workpieces in a slow manner. The utilisation of steel rule dies is also more cost-effective for small orders compared to other processes.

Handle Sheet Materials

Flatbed die cutting is great for your business if you will be handling sheet materials. Sheet materials can be complicated to process as they may easily get damaged with other die cutting processes. But with flatbed die cutting, its components and cutting process can ensure that sheet materials will be fabricated without expecting significant flaws and issues. Flatbed die cutting likewise allows you to feed individual sheet materials into its machine, generating precise and quality results.

Save Significant Costs

Compared to other die cutting processes, flatbed die cutting is known for its simplicity and effectiveness without spending a lot of money. And if your business only caters to short-run orders, opting for flatbed die cutting can truly be more cost-effective than other processes as its tool development is far simpler and quicker. The advances in technology even make the flatbed die cutting process better.

If you have some more questions about flatbed die cutting, do not hesitate to call us at Triforme. We specialise in the manufacture of flatbed steel rule cutting formes, flatbed label dies, and die cutting supplies for printing and scrapbook industries.

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