What Are Rotary Flexible Dies?

December 14, 2015

Rotary die cutters are among one of the most basic die cutting machineries available today, with a history that dates as far back as the advent of book-printing during the height of the Renaissance. It was not until the Industrial Revolution that rotary dies and die cutting truly became an integral part of standard industries. The introduction of modernized rotary die cutters revolutionised the way goods were made, with the machines enabling even partially equipped and small-time companies to churn out large volumes of die-cut products at an exceedingly faster rate.

Today, rotary dies have continued to evolve and provide a means to produce products faster than ever before. This once rudimentary technology has been consistently refined over the many years, so that there are now just about as many varieties of rotary dies as there are die cutters.

One of the most popular forms of rotary die cutters is rotary flexible dies. Flexible dies are not unlike regular rotary dies, in that they likewise employ a cylindrical die that is set onto a rotary press. This cylinder, which can be made from a variety of metals, usually tempered and hardened steel for higher tolerance, better results, and added durability.

In conventional rotary dies, a series of gears press the cylindrical die cutter onto the surface of whatever material is fed into the press. This is done at a similar pace to the rotation of the cylinder, to ensure that consistent cuts are made onto the material. Most rotary flexible dies, unlike fixed cylinder die cutters, do not employ solid or engraved metal cylinders, but rather use ‘engraved sheets’, which are attached onto a cylinder via powerful magnets.

While these do not provide as much tensile tolerance and durability as solid dies, it does allow for quick exchanges of die patterns, of course, depending on the material to be cut. This makes it ‘flexible’, hence the name – rotary flexible dies, which are ideal for high-volume die cutting jobs that require a little bit more versatility. This also includes smaller multipurpose die cutting companies that need an all-around die cutting machine; one that saves time, money, and space.

If you or your company are considering die cutting machinery, or if you are looking for more versatility in the products that you produce and are contemplating the services of a die cutting business, then there is a competitively priced and reliable die cutting company that can meet your every need. A company that specialises in flexible rotary dies - Triforme.

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