What Makes Steel Rule Die Cutting Suitable for Processing Thicker Materials

November 21, 2019

Die refers to a process in which you use a machine to mass-produce cut-out shapes. You can create the same shape, with the exact same dimensions, over and over without using scissors, stencils, or a craft knife. It is time-efficient and makes your cut-out shapes look professional and consistent every time. On the other hand, steel rule die cutting is a cost –effective method to cut shapes out foams, films, rubbers, foils, papers, and adhesive coated materials. It consists of a die board, the steel rule cutting blade, and some type of foam or rubber for ejection.

Steel rule die cutting is said to be the best option for processing thicker materials. As an analogy, you can imagine a cookie cutting method. Once you press the material against the steel rule die, the sharp edge of the steel rule cuts the surface of the material but then pushes the material apart or displaces the material along the cutting edge until it fractures and separates. This is one reason why this form of cutting is appropriate for thicker materials. Others are as follows.

Accuracy and Repetition

Once you made use of steel rule die, the form, size and shape of cutting will be the same all throughout. You can easily repeat the process and produce the same result over and over again. This is ideal for thicker materials that require uniformity. Aside from that, you will not have a hard time in ensuring that the material is being cut the right way.

Edge Quality

Steel rule die cutting ensures that the edges are clean as desired. The machine used cuts it in the way it is programmed so you can be certain that the thick materials that you processed for cutting is efficiently shaped.

Quick and Economical

Steel rule die cutting presses are quick to work. Since they are machines that are made to reduce effort, they can be configured to run at high speed without compromising efficiency. Aside from that, it is also highly recommended for short to medium production runs. Tooling is inexpensive and set up times are typically short.

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