What Makes Flatbed Die Cutting Formes Worth the Investment?

June 17, 2019

In the wide world of manufacturing, business owners are always going to value precision and efficiency. When it comes to quickly manufactured menus, packaging, or any other die cut product, flatbed die cutting formes are impossible to beat. Flatbed die cutting has been one of the best fabrication processes for craft artists and commercial companies alike. If you are not familiar with the process, you've come to the right place. Today, we are going to outline the tangible advantages that make flatbed die cutting formes worth their investment. Pick up a pen and paper and get ready to take some notes.

Advantages of Flatbed Die Cutting Formes

Flatbed die cutting with formes is a fabrication process that relies on heavy-duty machinery. Flatbed die cutting is essentially comprised of a machine, the die press, and the shaped forme that is created from whatever material it is that you are working with. Flatbed die cutting begins with the loading tray before sending the designated material down to your cutting station. In this station, a press pushes your die cutting forme into your material, thus punching out your shaped final product. All of your perforations, scores, cuts, and creases are performed automatically. From there, the excess material is scraped and recovered before the final product is released from the assembly line. Why is this process so important? What makes this process worth investing in?

1) Flexible Material Options - Your die cutting formes are not going to be restricted to certain types of material. Flatbed die cutting is remarkably flexible which means that you can work with metal, rubber, paper, fiber, fabric, plastic, and more. Whatever your needs are for your final product, a flatbed die cutting machine with the appropriate forme, will be able to make it happen.

2) Rate of Production - Flatbed die cutting formes work on an automated system. You simply input the material into the feeder before punching in the appropriate commands at your station. With just a blink of an eye, your products will start the fabrication process before being delivered to their final destination at the end of the line. This is an ideal cutting process for people who need to get production started quickly.

3) Crisp Cuts - Finally, a flatbed die cutting forme will directly lead to crisper cuts and more accurate production. You won't have to worry about misalignment or other issues that are intrinsic to manufacturing by hand. Your flatbed die cutting formes will make sure that all of your products are uniform.

Flatbed die cutting formes are worth investing in when you care about your final product. If you are looking to up your production quantity without sacrificing any quality, you are looking at the right tools for the job.

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