What are the Different Materials that Can Be Die Cut Using a Rotary Die Cutting Machine?

April 16, 2019

There is never a bad time to consider different ways to approach your fabrication process. For many businesses, across all sorts of industries, die cutting can be the key to their production process. Rotary die cutting is a specific type of cutting process that allows individuals to retain tremendous benefits. Unfortunately, rotary die cutting works best when paired with specific materials. Today, we are going to outline the different materials that can be used for rotary die cutting. We'll also discuss the tangible benefits of pursuing rotary die cutting versus the other options that are out there.

Rotary Die Cutting: Primary Materials

Rotary die cutting is a special type of die cutting that uses a rotary press with a cylindrical set of dies. The material is fed into the machine after the dies have been carefully set to the proper position. The rotary press will punch the material against a hardened anvil. The entire process is automated with a focus on efficiency, speed, and accuracy. Now that you have some semblance of understanding regarding the process of rotary die cutting, you are probably wondering which materials can be used inside of the machine. Let's outline a few of the different materials below.

1) Ideal Materials - The ideal materials to be used in rotary die cutting include plastic, paper, fabric, foam, laminates, and thin metal of varying types. Are you surprised by the number of options that rotary die cutting allows for? Rotary die cutting is one of the most popular forms of die cutting due to this fact. As you can easily see, rotary die cutting allows for businesses from basically any major industry to use the process.

2) Benefits of Proper Materials - You need to consider using the proper materials when pursuing rotary die cutting. Why is that important? Well, the rotary die cutting machine that you are working with will be forced to adjust based on the materials that you require. Each type of material that you use will require the machine to be adjusted in very specific ways. From the clearance of the cutting station to the pretension attributes required, your die cutting machine will have to be adjusted.

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