Understanding the Differences Between Flatbed Die Cutting vs. Rotary Die Cutting

August 22, 2019

Die-cutting is a popular fabrication process that allows you to quickly and effectively cut designs into a material. You'll commonly find die cutting associated with materials such as rubber, plastic, foam, paper, and even cardboard. Though less common, there are also die-cutting machines that work with heavier materials, like metal. Die-cutting is a broad term that encapsulates several other processes. Today, we are going to be comparing two of those processes, flatbed die-cutting and rotary die-cutting. By the end of today's conversation, you should have a rounded understanding of what these two techniques are used for.

Flatbed Die Cutting vs. Rotary Die Cutting

Let's get started by leaping right into our discussion. Whether you want to mass-produce foam packaging for your products or metal gaskets for your repair shop, you are going to need some help. The two processes that we discussed above, flatbed and rotary die cutting, share many similarities. With that being said, these two fabrication processing styles have their own unique traits, as well.

1) What is Rotary Die Cutting?

When your mind first wanders to rotary die-cutting, it should summon up images of a high-speed process that focuses on tolerance and accuracy. Rotary die-cutting machines are typically used with metal rotary dies. You'll see rotary die-cutting most commonly associated with thin products, larger orders, or kiss-cut die-cutting formes. The process starts by feeding raw material two a pair of rolling cylinders before the machine takes over and does the rest. Again, this is a process that prioritises speed and accuracy above all.

2) What is Flatbed Die Cutting?

Flatbed die-cutting machines are quite a bit different than rotary die-cutting machines. Typically, a flatbed die cutting machine will feature a fixed base with a head that is able to move. The cutting dies of a flatbed die cutting machine are typically made up of sharp metal strips known as rules. Flatbed die-cutting machines are great for thicker products, smaller orders, or more cost-effective cutting. Additionally, if you are working with a stronger material, you'll likely want to turn to a flatbed die cutting machine in order to facilitate your order.

Selecting which die-cutting technique you need to explore will be predicated on the work that you are trying to do. No matter what you are trying to accomplish, our team at Triforme Pty. Ltd. can be of assistance. We are a full-service team of cutting professionals with a deep well of knowledge to draw on. Contact our service technicians in order to discuss your die-cutting needs!

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