Tips for Effective Die Cutting of Stickers and Decals

November 11, 2019

Stickers and decals have gained popularity all over the world as an effective promotional material.  They are widely used because they are easy to print and are a whole lot cheaper to advertise with. Their lightweight structure coupled with their vibrancy can catch the attention of anyone without causing any further inconvenience. You can also garner a huge response from these materials since they can easily spread like wildfire while you invest in a small amount for their production without breaking a sweat.

Stickers and decals are eye-catching because of their interesting colours, sheens, and shapes. One process of creating attention-grabbing figures is through die cutting. Die cutting utilises a thin, razor-sharp blade that has been pre-formed and moulded into a specific pattern or outline. Similar to that of a cookie-cutter in baking, die cutting of stickers and decals have a multitude of basic geometric shapes - such as circles, ovals, starbursts, and squares or rectangles with rounded corners. Below are tips on how you can effectively incorporate die cutting in your stickers and decals.

Unique Design Preparation

It is important to keep in mind what you want your design to be before anything else. Standard die cutting shapes can be basic and common so it is highly encouraged that you draft a pattern that is unique yet relevant to the message you are planning to convey. Think thoroughly about the shape, how it is relevant to your business, logo and message. Blend these elements together. This is the first thing that must be done since the actual size of your stickers and decals are largely dependent on the design. Also, make sure that the draft of the design is set to CMYK colour mode for higher resolution and starker image quality.

Be Creative and Effective with Shapes

Die cutting of stickers and decals are categorised into three types of shapes namely geometric, natural and abstract. Geometric shapes are circles, triangles, and squares. Natural shapes are those among the likes of guitar, a bicycle, a corporate symbol or trademark leaves or ink blobs while abstract ones are irregular shapes that form no pattern at all. While choosing such, focus on what kind fits your needs best.

Precise Bleeding

Before the actual die cutting of your stickers and decals, you must ensure that they have the proper borders. These borders are necessary for designs with edge to edge printing. This is to ensure that the desired pattern will remain the same after your stickers and decals undergo die cutting. These border limits will tell you which sections can be eliminated and which parts must remain. Bleeding is recommended so that your design will not be tampered with.

In order to effectively maximise the abovementioned tips, make sure that you consult with experts at Triforme Pty Ltd. You do not have through all that hassle just to die cut those stickers and decals when you have us to help you.

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