Scrapbook Paper Packs Made with Accurate Die Cutting Tools

August 14, 2020

All memorabilia and mementos are often collated in scrapbook paper packs that are often sold in stores or online. Scrapbook paper packs are typically decorated and designed with numerous accessories like stickers, beads, and many more. Different prints are also available with these paper packs. The cut of these paper packs can be unique, depending on the preference of the manufacturer. Alternatively, they can also be customised by their owner by cutting them manually.

The Process of Die Cutting Scrapbook Paper Packs

Paper crafts may be simple to look at, but they typically undergo the process of die cutting to achieve perfect cuts within the set dimensions. You see, manufacturers of scrapbook paper packs want to achieve high accuracy when it comes to their products. Manually cutting them with just a cutter or scissors may be possible, but it can consume a lot of time and energy.

The process of die cutting, on the other hand, can easily cut a set of paper or any other materials based on the given dimensions, style, and appearance of the die. Die is a customised tool that cuts or shapes a material. It typically comes from a metal slab that is shaped to match the intricate appearance of the intended product. For scrapbook paper packs, the die used for cutting them is shaped based on the manufacturer’s approved text, image, or style of the final item for retail.

During the die cutting process, the customised die will be laid on top of the paper packs. Afterward, the die will be pressed onto the paper packs through a die cutting machine so that it can cut out a specialised image or shape. Running the process more than once can achieve a great cut.

Useful Die Cutting Tools for Scrapbook Paper Packs

Die-cutting a scrapbook paper pack involves the use of shape dies, word dies, and background dies. Shape dies are intended to cut out different shapes. Word dies, as the name implies, can cut out specific words that can be found on scrapbooks. Ultimately, background dies are intended to shape the whole background of the scrapbooks, making them much expensive compared to shape and word dies.

There are two types of die cutting machine that can be utilised in making scrapbook paper packs. One type of die cutting machine that one can use is the manual die cutting machine. Manual die cutting machines are equipped with a crank that can be pushed down for the die to cut through the paper. The pushing down of the crank can only be done once the workpiece is inserted among the cutting plates, the die, and the base. 

Other tools that can be used in manually die cutting scrapbook paper include embossing folders, embossing pad, craft pick, dryer sheet, die cutters, and many more.

Another type of die cutting machine that can be used in making scrapbook paper packs is powered by technology and software. Electronic die cutting machines can significantly reduce the number of physical dies one must manufacture just to cater to a wide variety of items or offerings. Through a specific software, one can easily create the shape or image of the die, add paper to the cutting mat, and then let the electronic die cutting machine run to achieve the perfect scrapbook paper packs.

Some additional tools that can work with electronic die cutting machines are embossing tools, sketch pens, electronic die cutting tool kits, and electronic die cutting blades.

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