Router Cutting for Large-Format Printing Projects: What is it All About?

May 20, 2019

Router cutting is a specialised cutting and forming process. Router cutting, or routing, is all about processing flat materials with a spinning bit, also known as a routing bit. This bit travels the surface of your material, be it plastic, wood, or some other option, in a pre-assigned formation. Typically, you will use a computer in order to route the formation that your cutting bit will follow. Some people opt to use hand-held routing tools, though those are far less effective. Routing has plenty of benefits. Today, we are going to talk about how router cutting can be the proper solution for your large-format printing projects.

Router Cutting for Large-Format Printing Projects

When time comes to develop a large printing project, you are obviously going to need assistance from a reputable company. At Triforme Australia, we have all of the routing tools that you need in order to get this particular type of job done. While router cutting seems relatively simple, there is a reason that it is the preferred method for handling large print products. Let's take a look at why you should use routing for your larger format printing obligations.

1) Industrial Strength - You'll find that routing tools are significantly stronger than conventional cutting options, such as die cutting. Why is this the case? Router cutting equipment is designed to work on thicker sections of material, be it wood, plastic, or cardboard.

2) Consistent Results - Much like die-cutting, router cutting is optimal due to the fact that you will get accurate and consistent results. Router cutting is slower than other industrial cutting options, but the quality and accuracy that you attain is hard to deny or defeat. You'll be able to program your design into the computer that is operating your machine before allowing the machine to take over from there.

3) Low-Cost Alternative - Router cutting is significantly more affordable than other high-end industrial cutting processes. There is minimal setup required for router cutting which means that there is correspondingly low overhead. If you are developing a large-format project on a budget, router cutting would be one of the better options available to you.

4) Flexible Designs - With router cutting, you are not inhibited by the materials available to you. As we've outlined numerous times, routing cuts are able to be enacted upon all manner of thick materials. Additionally, you can take your time with the design before delivering it to the cutting professionals handling the assignment.

Router cutting may be less popular than other conventional cutting options, such as die cutting, but it still stands on its own as a quality option.

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