Rotary Die Precision in Die Cutting Complex Cardboard Designs

March 26, 2019

Just about every industry out there will work with cardboard in some fashion. Whether a food company needs take-out boxes for their to-go orders or a manufacturing company needs something to ship supplies in, cardboard can rule the world. When businesses work with cardboard, they likely want a way to showcase their brand via unique and intricate designs. There are very few ways to approach the precise manufacturing of unique cardboard designs outside of the die cutting world. Today, we are going to be highlighting rotary die precision and the impact that it can have on your business. 

Benefits of Die Cutting for Cardboard Designs 

Let's say that you are a manufacturer of a speciality product. When you finish your product, you need to ship it off en masse to your clients. You also want to stamp your identity right onto the cardboard box with a unique design. When it comes to accomplishing this task, no process will work better than rotary die cutting. 

1) What is rotary die cutting?

Rotary die cutting is a versatile process that automates cutting, punching, and shaping materials. A rotary die cutting machine can mass produce uniquely designed products. Rotary die cutting works, essentially, by feeding material through the machine while a hardened anvil acts as a base. This anvil braces the material while the unique design is cut into the substrate. 

2) What are the benefits of rotary die cutting?

So, if you are thinking of using rotary die cutting, you obviously want to know the primary benefits. Rotary die cutting provides you with absolute precision when designing your product. You'll want to run a test sample before green lighting the entire order, but you can rest assured that your sample will be identical to your final product. Rotary die cutting machines automate the cutting process and speed it up while maintaining amazing precision. To put things simply, your rotary die cutting machine will make your life easier. 

3) Can I use a complex cardboard design?

Fortunately, rotary die cutting is one of the most versatile cutting methods in the world. You can easily engineer a complicated design for your cardboard cutouts while resting easy knowing that the outcome will be positive. Like we said above, work with your die cutting company in order to do a test sample so that you can see how the product will look when it is complete. 

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