How Die Cutting Designs Encourage People to Engage in Scrapbooking as a Hobby

November 9, 2020

Right now, the concept of arranging and keeping photographs, artwork, and other related elements has been digitised through various software or applications. Most people now compile all these things into a short video, upload them on social media platforms, or simply put them in one folder on a disk drive.

While these modern methods of preserving, presenting, and arranging photos and memorabilia are truly popular today, one conventional method still survives today due to the presence of die cutting. Scrapbooking, which has been around for a very long time, is still one of the most creative and most popular ways of preserving memories and recollections for future generations.

General Overview of Die Cutting

Die cutting is the utilisation of a die to create identical cuts from pieces of materials through a die cutting machine. Businesses under the manufacturing industry are known for maximising the capabilities of die cutting when it comes to generating packaging materials or their products. Alternatively, die cutting is also used by those who are fond of scrapbooking activities.

For die cutting to work, it would require three things: the die, the die cutting machine, and the material or workpiece. Dies are pieces of metals that normally come in various sizes and shapes. These things are intended to cut images or shapes on any given material. And for dies to effectively work, they would require a die cutting machine, which can compress them against any materials. Die cutting machines may be manual or electronic, with both having their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

The material or workpiece is the one being treated during the actual die cutting process. Die cutting can easily work on materials that are made from paper, cork, fabric, leather, foam, thin sheets of metal, felt, vellum, vinyl, wood, and chipboard.

Scrapbooking with Die Cutting

A lot of people have been encouraged to make scrapbooking part of their hobbies due to various reasons. For one, they can easily mould and fabricate dies with various designs, shapes, and styles, allowing them to freely unlock their creativity and design them according to their preferences. They can even utilise different materials in creating their vital scrapbooks. And since scrapbooks are composed of many pages, they can easily create multiple add-ons with precise cut and shape in just a few minutes, eliminating the need to buy a lot of decorations in stores that can be expensive.

As these people set to preserve and immortalise their memories with scrapbooking, they can easily enhance the appearance of their scrapbooks through the integration of die cut materials. Some of the most common die cut designs that are used in scrapbooking include titles, photo frames, 3D images, and embellishments. Decorations, dividers, and accents can also be seen in some scrapbooks, which would solely depend on the preferences of the ones creating the scrapbooks.

Die cutting the materials that you need for your scrapbooks can be fun and cost-effective. However, you must still consider some tips regarding the proper die cutting process. If you need help with die cutting, feel free to contact us at Triforme.

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