Die Cutting Intricate Cardboard Shapes: Why DIY is not Advisable

January 31, 2019

Whether you are crafting wedding invitations or advertisements for your new business, cardboard can be the perfect material to work with. When developing your own product, you are going to want something that is as unique as it is intricate. After all, your goal is to stand out from the crowd, right? Unfortunately, using just your DIY skills to craft these intricate cardboard shapes can end up costing you your time and your sanity. For a quick and effective solution, you can consider hiring out or purchasing a die cutting machine. Today, we are going to be comparing the impact of a die cutting machine to the laborious process that is involved with your DIY alternative.

DIY Vs. Die Cutting: Intricate Cardboard Shapes

When it comes to creating your product, be it the invitation we posited above or something else entirely, you know that you will have to put in a lot of work in order to render out the product the way you'd like. Intricate cardboard designs require steady hands, sharp scissors, and extreme patience. If you are trying to create a large quantity of a certain type of product, well, this method will leave you exhausted and invested way past when you'd like. This is where a die cutting machine can come into the equation.

With a die cutting machine on hand, you'll be able to attend to your intricate cardboard shapes with all of the difficulty that comes from pressing a single button. Die cutting machines do quite a bit for creative individuals who are looking to craft something fancy and professional looking. Here are a few reasons as to why we advise going the die cutting route rather than sticking with your DIY techniques:

1) Mass Production with a Personal Touch

Thanks to the way that die cutting machines operate, you can mass produce even the most complicated of cardboard shapes with the press of a button. Take the time to develop your design and then run a test print before loading up on a full batch. Always taking a sample is the way to go when it comes to trying out new designs.

2) Quick & Easy Creation

While we don't mind getting our hands dirty with a good arts and crafts project, we'd rather not spend an entire weekend with our neck craned over a pile of cardboard. Cutting intricate cardboard shapes is intense on your eyes, neck, and hands. Instead of making yourself suffer, let your die cutting machine handle all of the work.

When it comes time to develop your next intricate project, don't go the DIY route. Give yourself a break on your next project by turning to professional die cutting machinery.

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