Crease Lines in Box Packaging: Why are They Needed in Die Cutting?

January 25, 2018

You don't have to know what goes into making a great boxed package in order to understand the differences between good and bad. When Christmas-time rolls around, we all spend an evening wrapping presents and this most often involves using cardboard or paper boxes. These boxes were likely fabricated by die cutting machines and they used a very important aspect of the process known as creasing, or scoring, in order to make your life easier. Today, we are going to dig deep and learn a little bit about the importance of crease lines as it relates to box packaging.

Crease Lines for Box Packaging

While we used Christmas as an example above, packaging boxes are used numbers that are hard to even calculate. From the post office to the craft store, and everywhere in between, box packaging is vital. Fortunately, we can break down the importance of crease lines while ultimately improving your appreciation for the entire process.

During the die cutting process, you will eventually find yourself at the creasing or scoring station. At this station, your primary material must be creased in anticipation of being folded. This is done by carefully marking special lines down the areas where the boxes will be folded by the end-user. In order for this to happen, your material is pressed against a channel or some sort of groove that was designed way before you got this far into the process. Your paper, or cardboard, is then gently creased so as to become weaker along a specific line. After reaching an appropriate crease depth, your box packaging will essentially be ready for folding when the end-user gets their hands on it.

Value of Crease Lines

Crease lines are obviously one of the most important aspects of die cutting and this is particularly true with box packaging. If your crease lines aren't set properly then you are going to get a package at the end of the line that is functionally worthless. By ensuring your crease depth and other associated characteristics, you are setting up your die cutting process for success.

Crease lines are valuable for box packaging but they are also valuable for a number of other fabrications. From Christmas Cards to foldable signs, and everything in between, well-made crease lines are of utmost importance. When crease lines aren't properly established, you end up with a product that is virtually unusable.

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