Carton Food Packaging: Impressions on Design and Functionality

June 8, 2018

If you work in the food industry then you know how important it is to have appropriate food packaging available to you. Whether you are packaging up a large amount of food for transportation or merely handing off a specially decorated food carton for customers take-out meals, you need something that is unique, affordable, and effective. Today, we are going to have a discussion surrounding carton food packaging. We are going to talk about the carton die cutting process as well as the importance of proper design. To round out our conversation, we are going to talk about how our team here at Triforme can be your supplier for all things related to your carton food packaging.

Importance of Carton Food Packaging - From Design to Function

Here at Triforme, we look at all topics through the lens of the die cutting process. With food packaging, you need to rely on a relatively simple die cutting process in order to create your packaging the way that your business requires. The entire process of fabricating your carton packaging by way of die cutting is relatively straightforward:

  1. The process begins with a flat sheet of material, whatever your packaging requires.
  2. Your material is fed through the die cutting process, whereupon special steel dies will score or crease the folding sections of your carton.
  3. You must make sure to match your machine with the material that you are working with. You'll notice differing thickness options depending on the type of carton packaging you use: solid bleached board, white linen chipboard, paperboard, and so on.

The process of crafting your carton food packaging is relatively simple, as you can see above. The real work comes before you ever fire up your die cutting machine. What work are we talking about?

Designing Your Carton Food Packaging

In order for your business to prosper, you need to make sure that you spend time focusing on the design and functionality of your potential carton food packaging. You are able to die cut material that has a label emblazoned on it, so make sure to spend time coming up with a design that is eye-catching and original. Additionally, you need to spend time designing the actual layout of your carton food packaging. Make something unique in order to really stand out.

At Triforme, we are focused on providing you with the tools needed to find success in the die cutting world. No matter what industry you operate in, your carton food packaging should mirror your own originality and talent. Contact us today for a quote or discussion regarding what tools you need for the job.

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