Carton Design and Packaging: Sustainable Materials that Only the Best Die Cutters Can Achieve

July 31, 2020

Different types of products are stored and presented in various types of packages. These packages, which can be made from a wide variety of materials, are intended to not only preserve the quality of a product but also help it gain attention from possible purchasing consumers.

One material that is widely known in the packaging industry is the carton. Cartons are made from corrugated paperboards that have been utilised by different manufacturing and packaging industries because of their structural features. To accommodate the needs of packaging different products, these cartons would typically undergo the die cutting process. This specific cutting process helps them obtain shapes with precise foldable outlines.

Types of Carton Packaging

The die cutting process helps cartons gain different shapes and folds. Here are some of the most common types of carton packaging:

  • Corrugated Boxes:Corrugated boxes have boards that are made from squashing in the arched paper between two layers of linerboards. This overall structure of corrugated boxes allows them to yield high bending rigidity and resistance to crushing. These boxes are light but strong, making them recommended in the shipping industry.
  • Paperboard Cartons: Most companies would utilise paperboard cartons in packaging electronic products, medicines, toys, cosmetics, liquor, and any other materials. They use this type of carton packaging since it is made from thick but foldable paper material. The said material can also be printed with text and designs that are perfect for marketing the product.
  • Gable Top Cartons: Milk, juices, and other items that require refrigeration are packed in gable top cartons. These cartons are typically made from multi-layered cartons that are strong and reusable. Some of them may even have a foil laminate for added security of the drink or beverage. Most of these cartons are opened by pushing open the gables or the plastic cap provided on top of the carton.
  • Egg Cartons: Egg cartons are typically made from recycled paper or moulded pulp that is processed again to obtain sockets or dimples for egg storage. Some of these cartons have clear plastic of polystyrene to enable secure packaging and transport of eggs.

Carton Packaging Benefits

The structural features of carton packaging, particularly the layers of corrugated paperboards used, allow them to contribute tons of benefits to industries that use them. 

  • Great Product Presentation: Even if they look simple, carton packages are often considered as a premium tier of packages out there. Most carton packages can be customised to effectively showcase all the necessary information about the products and subsequently entice customers in buying them. They also have a wide variety of structural moulds that make them versatile.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Most companies and customers nowadays take sustainability seriously as global efforts toward green practices are rising very quickly. Fortunately, carton packages can be reused, recycled, and reprocessed again into different materials, which help conserve raw materials. They are also non-toxic as they do not emit any harmful damaging compounds to the environment.

All the types of carton packaging alongside their great benefits help them become sustainable and recommended for extensive use. Thanks to die cutting processes, these carton packages can be used to package different types of products with ease. If you need carton packaging for your products, just give us a call at Triforme.

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