Boost Your Branding Image with Die-cut Marketing Materials

April 29, 2020

If you want to sell a lot of products to your target consumers, then you may want to get your marketing strategy right and on point. One way to do this is through effective branding. Even as simple as packaging or flyers, your product and other types of marketing materials can reach a lot of people if it is presented in a way that is enticing and attractive.

The Process Behind Die-Cutting

Many businesses are hiring companies that offer die-cutting since they can provide packaging and marketing materials very quickly and efficiently. With die-cutting, a special cutting blade moulded into your desired shape is used to cut through the material. Multiple sheets can be placed to speed up the cutting process. The materials that can be made from die-cutting are labels, boxes, containers, printed sheets, and many more. The die-cutting process can be done through a flatbed press or a rotary press.

Die-Cut Marketing Material Options

To boost your branding image, you may want to create some marketing materials out of the die-cut process. Here are some examples of die-cut marketing materials.

Business Cards

If you want to boost your presence in the industry that you are in, you must properly introduce yourself and your business to your target clients and consumers. While printing a business card in a thick paper can already get the job done, die-cutting your business cards takes everything to a whole new level. With die-cutting, you can customise the edges and features of your business card, giving your card a more elegant look. Your business card can also be made from a more durable material.


One of the most underrated marketing tools right now is stickers. Stickers can technically be attached on any dry surface as long as they have strong adhesive. They can be used for bumper stickers, outdoor stickers, or casual yet colourful pieces of artwork that can be stuck on scrapbooks, notebooks, coffee mugs, laptops, and even walls. Businesses tend to use them as a sort of freebie so that people can remember their company and products offered.


Flyers and brochures are also effective in disseminating information, products, and other things that are related to your business. One benefit of having your brochures and flyers die-cut is that they are thicker and even possess fun shapes. Die-cut brochures and flyers steer away from the normal rectangular-shaped brochures and flyers that are often crumpled and tossed into the garbage. Brochures can help you list all your products, advertise your new venture, announce something special, and many more.


If your business is in the food and beverage industry, you must allocate some of your resources to creating your menus. Menus are powerful marketing material that can give your consumers and guests information about your dishes, specialties, and prices. Die-cut menus can have edges that are either curvy or sharp. With die-cutting, you can have a menu that is precisely shaped into specific food like a pizza slice, burger, and steak or drinks like beer, wine, or cocktails.

If you switch to die-cut marketing materials, you can expect a significant boost to your branding image as well as the performance of your business. For more information about die-cutting, feel free to contact us at Triforme Pty. Ltd. We specialize in the manufacture of flatbed steel rule cutting formes, flatbed label dies, die-cutting supplies for printing and scrapbook industries.

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