Advantages of Accurate CNC Routing and Die Cutting Machines in Helping Businesses Grow

October 24, 2019

Extremely efficient and very accurate, high-fidelity CNC routing machinery has partnered with die-cutting technology to create a new line of semi-automated web shearing gear. The apparatus in question is adaptive, project-flexible, customizable, and scalable. Not to get too far ahead of ourselves, though, what is CNC? There's quite a lot to cover here, so let's get going. First things first, CNC Computer Numerical Control) is a computer-coded language.

Instruction-Based Die Cutting

The instructions are dispatched as machine-directing data packages. In an office somewhere, a complex pattern has been loaded into a computer's workspace. The CNC module in this application converts the pattern shape and dimensions into machine instructions. A three-axis cutting head, actuated by servo motors or hydraulic tubes, turns or slides down a rail. With the instructions pulsing down a data line, the cuts are ultra-precisely applied. And all of this work is done automatically, not by hand or by a less sophisticated in-line cutting plate. The only manual part of the operation is when the cutting head needs to be configured. And this technology hasn't lain idle, for there are more adaptable models in use right now. For example, by using water jets or lasers, fully automated systems can combine CNC and die-cutting functionality.

Pondering the Advantages Of CNC Die Cutting

The technology is fast and customizable. That's a compelling feature. Small business owners want to make their mark in the industry, and a fast, machine-directed service that never makes mistakes while it churns out thousands of identically cut cardboard or plywood products will certainly make things that much easier. More importantly, fledgling die-cutting operations can't afford to specialize, to focus on one business sector. Again, that need fits in most agreeably with a die-cutting service that employs CNC routing technology. Precise tolerances are automatically generated on blank workpieces by those three-axis machine rigs, remember. Afterwards, passed seamlessly on towards the die-cutting stations, the highly adaptive dual-machine operation inlays the required cut patterns, be they precision-cut letters or an intricate array of packaging slots.

Cost-effective and customizable, this is an ideal working partnership. Businesses grow when they offer turn-key services. Of some significance here, that degree of adaptability, matched with high-quality output, isn't usually associated with smaller businesses. However, by establishing a computer-coordinated process pipeline, a young die cutting company does gain a competitive edge. So, in summary, high volume die-cutting operations do not typically grow out of small business roots. But, as an exception to that rule, computer run CNC packages are burrowing process pipelines straight into today's burgeoning die cutting businesses to deliver flexibility, scalability, speed, and that ever-desirable cost-effectiveness factor.

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