A Quick Review about Digital Die Cutting Machines and How it Works

May 13, 2020

The process of die cutting is crucial to various industries. Generally, die cutting is a fabrication process that uses specialised machines and tools in converting materials into custom shapes and designs for labels and other purposes. The machines and tools used for this fabrication process can perform cutting, forming, and shearing of materials.

Die cutting machines can process materials like rubber, fibre, foil, cloth, paper, plastics, foam, and sheet metal into various shapes and forms. For corrugated boxes, these machines ensure that they can fold properly to create the box. Alternatively, label printing on these machines can effectively separate the label design from the rest of the substrate.

Introduction to Digital Die Cutting Machines

Machines for the die cutting process can be grouped into different types and characteristics. However, one of the popular types of these machines is the digital ones. Many card makers, scrapbookers, and paper crafters have utilised digital die cutting machines because of their flexibility and versatility. In fact, these machines have revolutionised the way paper crafters create their products.

As an overview, a digital die cutting machine is an electronic machine that is comprised of a small blade intended to cut custom-designed elements. This specific machine, just like any other die cutting machine, can process card stock, craft vinyl, sticker paper, metallic card stock, fabric, magnet paper, velum, and chipboard.

Classifications of Digital Die Cutting Machines

Digital die cutting machines are classified into three types. One type of these machines is cartridge systems. Cartridge-based machines are standalone machines that do not require any specific software and a computer to operate. However, they only allow users to cut shapes that are included in purchased cartridges. This downside limits users in formulating creative choices in die cutting and even adds to their expenses since they must buy more cartridges to create die-cut elements.

Another type of digital die cutting machine is software-based systems. Some examples of software-based digital die cutting machines include Silhouette Cameo, Klic-N-Kut Zing, Bosskut Gazelle, and Pazzles Inspiration. All these machines can offer endless creative possibilities and outcomes since they can import and read any file types like .pdf, .jpg, .png, and many more. Creating custom shapes can also be done through these machines.

Lastly, a digital die cutting machine that combines the use of cartridge and software is known as hybrid systems. Some examples of hybrid digital die cutting machines include SizzixeClips and Cricut Explore. These machines allow users to either cut elements from the cartridge or import some files. Creating custom shapes is also allowed with this type of die cutting machine.

Applications for Digital Die Cutting Machines

No matter what the type is, all digital die cutting machines can be used in various applications. These machines can cut a variety of elements, shapes, and delicate details to form intricate cut-outs. They can also cut in bulk, which can be great for events and occasions that need a huge quantity of the same products. These products may include favour boxes and embellishments for holiday cards.

As with drawing designs, some digital die cutting machines can handle the inclusion of colourful patterns, sentiments, and shapes. Pairing these machines to the printer can also create an infinite set of print and cut designs. Print and cut designs are a great way to make elements like journaling cards, labels, and others with a pattern fill.

Digital die cutting machines can also fabricate fabric and vinyl adhesives. These machines can be used for quilting, sewing, and embroidering fabric materials. Vinyl adhesives, on the other hand, can be printed and cut by these machines.

When you use a digital die cutting machine on your business or any other applications, it can make your life simpler and more productive. To know more about them, just contact us at Triforme. With the introduction of computerized equipment, Triforme prides itself on the extreme accuracy of its finished products.

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